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CBRS: The Indoor Market Opportunity and Forecasts 2019-2024


Maravedis and EJL Wireless have partnered to provide a unique and thorough market analysis of the CBRS indoor opportunity which provides a reality check to all the marketing buzz currently going on in the marketplace.

Combining over forty years of experience in wireless analysis-including macro RAN, DAS, and Wi-Fi-the authors of the report have scrutinized every major driver and roadblock to CBRS adoption, from the regulatory aspects to the radio and SAS/EPC technology aspects and finally to the business case scenarios.

This report looks at the CBRS market opportunity and challenges still ahead, specifically for indoor use, in a variety of verticals from office buildings, industrial manufacturing to public venues, and utilities. We have interviewed over thirty market participants from all segments of the ecosystem, including the FCC, to produce a realistic model that quantifies the addressable market for radios as well as the uptake rate in each vertical covered.

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