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Global Base Station Market Analysis and Forecast, 2014-2018- March 2014


The global base station (BTS) market grew 23% in 2013 and beat our forecast by 38%. Total BTS unit shipments across all air interfaces and frequency bands were 1.88 million for 2013. This report only focuses on the macrocell BTS market. How well did we do in our forecast from a year ago?
The good:
We were correct in our prediction of the W-CDMA/HSPA market with a +10% variance
We were correct in our prediction of the CDMA market with a -10% variance
The not so good:
We were off on our prediction of the LTE market with a +170% variance 
A negative % variance means our forecast was higher than actual shipments while a positive % variance means our forecast was lower than actual shipments.
Overall, if we had to give ourselves an assessment, we believe we did a poor job in our overall forecast for 2013. Where did we go wrong? We underestimated the prebuild demand in China for LTE-TDD systems as well the re-farming of LTE1800 systems in Europe.
We continue to believe that many research reports attempt to quantify the overall wireless infrastructure base station equipment market in terms of monetary value. Analyzing the total economic impact of the global base station market is important but we continue to base the thesis of this report on the estimated unit shipments by each OEM. We believe that this approach continues to lead the market place in
offering a deeper and more compelling understanding of the underlying currents of market share gains and losses across frequency bands and air interface standards within the industry.
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