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Small cells deployments and installed base 2015-2020


This module provides a detailed five-year forecast for deployments and installed base of cellular and integrated cellular/WiFi small cells, with fully updated figures for 2014 as the starting point. The forecasts cover residential, enterprise and public access small cells (but not WiFi-only).

This document contains explanatory notes and brief commentary to accompany the Excel spreadsheet ‘Rethink Small Cells 1 Data Module September 2015’. The surveys and forecasts on which the outputs are based were conducted in June to August 2015.

The forecasts are broken down by region, power level, frequency band(s), TDD/FDD and air interface, with figures recently updated to take account of LTE-Unlicensed. There is also breakdown of the environment in which they are deployed (indoor or outdoor, urban or rural), and details of average selling prices. These data tables add up to a comprehensive overview of the patterns of deployment of small cells up until the end of the decade and the advent of 5G, and the commentary
highlights the impact of trends such as densification, carrier aggregation and new
operator business models.

All modules contain between six and 10 data tables plus regional breakdown, with accompanying commentary consisting of graphs and concise commentary on the assumptions underlying the forecasts, and the key factors driving them.

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