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WiFi Report: Urgency for offload undermines all cellular spending for the next 4 years


Every business affected by the cellular value chain should buy this report, and companies who have offerings in the Video OTT and WiFi eco-systems. This includes cellular and wireline operators, WISPs, TV Operators and hardware and software suppliers to these operators. Also investors who focus on cellular operator valuations or the valuation of any of these types of companies. Our reports are usually purchased by senior operational executives including CEOs as well as marketing departments. This report will deliver benefit to device manufacturers, apps suppliers, content owners, components suppliers, device and content distributors, as well as the financial community.
This report is also free to subscribers of Faultline, the weekly paid analysis of disruption in the video eco-system. You can get a copy of the report by subscribing for one year to Faultline now.
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