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Ericsson RBS6000 Digital Units ASICs Report


Total Pages: 158

This report provides a comprehensive technology analysis of the digital baseband unit ASICs within the Ericsson RBS6000 base station platform. The ASICs analyzed are used in the following Ericsson digital units: DUG 10, DUG 20, DUW 10, DUW 20, DUW 30, DUL 20, DUS 31, and DUS 41. There is a total of six Ericsson baseband ASICs contained within this report.


  • Wafer Fabrication ID, Silicon process node ID, Die Size and Package Analysis
  • Die photograph, magnified SEM photographs, X-Ray photographs
  • Die mapping of functional blocks
  • Die mapping of I/Os
  • Die mapping of memory structures
  • Digital unit system architecture
  • DSP core analysis
  • Proprietary technology analysis
  • Total Pages: 157
  • Total Tables: 26
  • Total Exhibits: 163

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