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Ericsson W-CDMA/LTE 1900/2100MHz Semi-Active Antenna/Radio Unit 60W (2 x 30W) KRC 118 046/1 R2A Model AIR21 B4A B2P


This report is a design “teardown” analysis of an Ericsson 1900/2100MHz Band 4 Active Band 2 Passive 4x2 MIMO remote radio unit multi-standard (RRUS) supporting LTE technology. The analysis covers the entire system including the passive dual band antenna, power supply, transmit, receive amplifiers and duplexer filters functions. A simplified mechanical analysis of the unit along with detailed bill of materials analysis is presented in this report. The Ericsson product name is AIR21 B4A B2P. The Ericsson P/N for this AIR21 unit is KRC 118 046/1 R2A. The FCC
identification number is TA8AKRC118046-1. This unit was manufactured in Estonia and Germany.

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