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WRC-15 Briefing


Total Pages: 37

PolicyTracker's WRC-15 briefing explains the main issues which will dominate discussions at the World Radio Conference in November (WRC-15). It is written in easy-to-understand language, avoiding jargon and including diagrams and an extensive glossary. The report can be understood by someone with little background knowledge but will also provide valuable additional insights for those close to the WRC-15 process. 

Key benefits

Written by the Policy Tracker Team, the WRC-15 briefing enables you to:

  • Understand how the ITU decision-making process works
  • Identify the WRC agenda items which matter to your organization
  • Understand how the WRC-15 agreement could affect mobile, satellite and broadcasting spectrum allocations, as well as the frequencies used for public protection and disaster relief (PPDR).
  • Identify where there is substantial agreement on a proposal  
  • Understand the arguments underlying the contentious issues
  • Get an overview of which countries support which proposals
  • Understand the views of regional groupings and where these will be most influential
  • Get an overview of the whole WRC process, recognising the possible trade-offs between different agenda items.  
  • Cut though jargon with a seven page glossary

Who should buy this report:

  • Regulators 
  • Government departments
  • Mobile operators
  • Manufacturers
  • Broadcasters 
  • Companies which develop chipsets
  • Satellite operators 

This is the ideal document to get a whole team up to speed with on WRC-15: please enquire for corporate licensing options. 

The report is available in secured pdf format to view on Windows and Mac computers as well as iPADs and other tablets. 

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