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White Space Devices: Global market and technology, risks and opportunities


This Report:
  • Combines the expertise and analysis of Maravedis-Rethink Technology and Real Wireless to provide a unique and independent insight into some of the key technical, commercial and market aspects relating to the current and future use of white space devices
Gives sufficient detail to enable investors, technologists, product vendors and regulators to determine whether white space devices:
  • Provide a credible and sustainable investment opportunity with sufficient near and mid-term growth opportunity
  • Are supported by commercial momentum and confidence in the ecosystem
  • Are supported by a regulatory framework that is based on thorough and detailed technical and economic analysis
  • Can establish a sustainable product roadmap and plans for vendor relationships and interoperability
Shines a light on the aspects of WSDs that have generally been ‘hidden’ by the industry and this report exposes the key issues that could cause:
  • Delays to deployments
  • Interference to TV viewers and other white space device (WSD ) users
  • A stunt in the growth of the ecosystem
  • Potential impact to the wider investment community
  • A poor match between applications and the nature of white space spectrum
  • Greater upside opportunities than have been recognised to date
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