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Wi-Fi Intelligence Service



The Wireless Intelligence Service (WIS) is a market research initiative from Maravedis and Wi-Fi 360, to profile the carrier Wi-Fi strategies of the leading fixed and mobile operators worldwide. This unique service, which has the support of the Wireless Broadband Alliance, aims to help the carrier Wi-Fi industry to fill the gap in terms of market data and analysis regarding operator deployments.

WIS is not just a database, it is an annual service that includes:

  • An Online Database profiling the key Wi-Fi deployments and KPIs worldwide with a roadmap to include the top 50 operators by Q1 2016
  • Detailed profiles of the leading Wi-Fi operator deployments with qualitative and quantitative information
  • A Reporting Tool allowing subscribers to select key industry data
  • A Quarterly Report offering subscribers the latest trends in Wi-Fi deployments, usage and technology
  • Analyst support to answer questions by dedicated team


  • FIRST service to track leading carrier Wi-Fi hotspot and homespot network and business strategies
  • Collect KEY DATA including: deployments, usage and monetization strategies by operator including  number of hotspots, access points, pricing plans, device usage, deployment plans, roaming deals and monetization strategies
  • Analyze service provider trends on a quarterly basis–Publish quarterly trends report
  • Serve the needs of the Wi-Fi ecosystem: stakeholders eager to better understand the carrier Wi-Fi market
Here is a partial list of our customers for your reference: