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Wi-Fi with a Spectrum Broker is More Resilient to COVID-19 Surge

Wi-Fi with a Spectrum Broker is More Resilient to COVID-19 Surge

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In this paper, we look at how the Covid-19 pandemic has caused an unprecedented surge in home internet usage due to shelter-at-home orders and school closures. We argue that because Wi-Fi is playing a center role in the home QoE, operators and any Wi-Fi owners will need every tool in the box to optimize their network performance all the way to the device.

We discuss the various factors affecting Wi-Fi performance, including neighbor interference, as poor Wi-Fi performance also results in higher costs for the operator in the form of higher service calls and truck rolls.

We present and made the case for an innovative approach to tackle these relative Wi-Fi inefficiencies. This solution offered by Ambeent is to enable smart channel allocation that is location- and application-aware and lends itself to a collaborative approach. The result is substantial performance gain in throughput and QoE, and a corresponding reduction in support and operational costs.

The future iterations of interference management will further include the use of machine learning and the need to manage multi-radio access technologies, including cellular, as spectrum sharing and aggregation become the norm.

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