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Wireless Watch 666: Qualcomm in key breakthroughs


Key Issues:

Qualcomm attacks Intel where it hurts, in server chips and Microsoft alliance 2

Qualcomm’s Centriq beats everyone to the 10nm server chip post 3

Full-blown Windows 10 comes to ARM courtesy of Microsoft/Qualcomm 7

Sprint’s recovery and US densification will boost 2017 network capex 8


  • Bluetooth 5 boosts range and coexistence, but no mesh yet 13
  • Sony pins mobile gaming hope on ForwardWorks studio and Project Field 15
  • Nokia addresses major virtualization barrier with VNF templates 16
  • US digital ad spend to reach $72bn, prolonging life of tablet market 17

Start-Up Watch:

Beamr hints at how the HEVC/AOMedia battle will transform mobile video 19

5G Watch:

New Chinese spectrum rules could be a 5G game-changer 22

IoT Watch:

Apple does have autonomous car ambitions after all, letter reveals 25

IPR Watch:

US Supreme Court rules in favor of Samsung against Apple 26

WiFi Watch:

Altice pulls Cablevision’s Freewheel service and waits for real WiFi-First 27

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