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There is a copper mesh of over one billion phone lines and hybrid fiber co-ax encircling the planet. The number of lines is actually going down, not up, and over the coming years more and more of these lines are being abandoned for wireless connectivity. Both wired and wireless networks attach to fiber backhaul tightly interwoven to reach all but the most rural or inhospitable parts of the world with superfast broadband speeds.
Broadband is installed on about a quarter of these fixed lines, a number which is and rising constantly, shifting data at speeds of up to 300 Mbps, but at speeds which average far lower speeds than that in real world performance. Video has been travelling across these for the past few years, and its use is on the rise.
As a result, video is becoming more of a one to one experience, rather than purely a broadcast phenomenon. This suggests almost no future for broadcasting networks and a radical transformation to Over The Top delivery for pay TV networks. This will result in a massive data overload on all types of IP networks, including wireless. We also urgently need to re-invent advertising business models. Companies fastest to change will gain significant momentum. Advertising must change, content must change, consumer electronics has been ransacked, and the pressure on operators and the fragmentation of video is causing havoc. This is the battle that Faultline covers on a weekly basis, explaining the power players behind the new technologies, and predicting yet more mayhem.
Faultline analyzes the seismic shocks reverberating through these industries on a weekly basis. Assessing new waves with the simple ingredients of experience, perspective and an up to date understanding of what technology is currently capable of . Our analysts have been involved in technology assessment for the past 30 years and it is this long view which helps us understand how markets are created, built and dominated, and tells us when change is imminent.
Faultline is a paid subscription service delivered by email in protected pdf files, and subscribers also benefit from access to our archives and discounts on other purchases such as special reports. Trial issues are available free of charge.


2013 Faultline Customer Testimonials


"The author of Faultline has created an insightful, strategically vital assessment of important weekly events in the industry. It makes a difference to my business decisions".
Bulent Celebi, Executive Chairman and co-Founder


“The style of Faultline matches that of its principal analyst Peter White. Pithy, irreverent and backed with a unique intellectual vigor. Frankly it scares me how much this guy remembers about our industry and the dots he can connect related to clever and not so clever moves over the years. I relish his commentary, but I really don’t want him to call me on my mistakes!”
Steve Christian, VP Marketing
"Faultline offers deep market knowledge, presented succinctly. I can rely on it for insight and analysis."
Andrew Burke, Chairman
Crisp Thinking
"We find Faultline provides a level of depth and breadth of coverage that makes it a must read for our senior team and product line owners. The insights delivered each week, across multiple sectors within the technology space, are unique and insightful.
Keith Wymbs VP marketing, 

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Faultline is a paid subscription service delivered by email in protected pdf files, and subscribers also benefit from access to our archives and discounts on other purchases such as special reports. Trial issues are available free of charge
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