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WiROI™ Business Case Analysis Tools

The WiROI™ Business Case Analysis Tool, developed by Wireless 20/20, is a wireless business case analysis tool that offers network operators and equipment manufacturers a comprehensive analysis of the capital and operational expenses of deploying broadband wireless networks.  Developed through extensive industry experience with actual network deployments, the WiROI™ Tool has the flexibility to model a variety of network deployment plans and service models.

The WiROI™ Tool has been designed to allow operators to customize a business case analysis for a target market. The tool accepts a wide range of market data, technical parameters, and financial and service planning inputs that an operator can tailor for their particular deployment plan. It simulates a wireless network deployment and operations using 3G, 4G and WiFi networks and produces a detailed 10 year income statement, financial output graphs, and key financial metrics.

The WiROI™ Tool has an easy to use, interactive, dashboard-style Graphical User Interface (GUI). It enables the user to visualize the business case output and perform Sensitivity Analysis in real-time, and to view the results in an animated graphical format instantly.

The WIROI Tool has been used by more than 80 service providers around the world to make informed decisions about technology selection, network and services planning, vendor selection and investments.



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