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Enterprise small cells 2014 –2020 (May2016)

Enterprise small cells 2014 –2020 (May2016)

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This module focuses on detailed analysis of the trends in deployment of small cells in the enterprise market, which is set to be the area of highest growth for this technology for the coming 2-3 years. 

Deployments and installed base for enterprise small cells are forecast over five years, with breakdown by region, technology and environment. There is also analysis of how the cells will be split between those for private enterprise use, and those which are consumer-facing, as well as the rise of dual-radio cells which support both modes of use. 

In addition, there is detailed analysis of the locations of the small cell deployments, from shopping malls to office buildings to downtown metrozones or stadiums, with particular focus on scenarios where there will be the need for very dense capacity. The deployments are also forecast by the vertical sector implementing them. 

These forecasts provide an in-depth picture of how small cells, whether cellular-only or cellular/ WiFi, will be implemented to meet the changing needs of a wide range of enterprises and public sector organizations, as well as their MNO providers. 

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