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Ericsson W-CDMA/LTE 2100 MHz Remote Radio Unit, 80W (2 x 40W), KRC 161 254/2 R1H, Model RRUS11 B4

Ericsson W-CDMA/LTE 2100 MHz Remote Radio Unit, 80W (2 x 40W), KRC 161 254/2 R1H, Model RRUS11 B4

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This teardown report on Ericsson's 80W W-CDMA/LTE Remote Radio Unit presents an extremely detailed look at the device's internal components and construction. With more than 120 exhibits diagramming nearly every part of the unit, and with over 30 compiled tables examining the bills of materials and component distribution, this report is a valuable resource for engineering leads, developers, and analysts across the wireless industry.


This report covers a teardown and design analysis of Ericsson's W-CDMA/LTE 2100MHz RRUS11 B4 80W remote radio unit (RRU). Manufactured in Q2 2012, this unit is part of the RBS610x/6201/6301/6601 base station platform for Ericsson W-CDMA/LTE. This RRUS11 B4 is only the third 2x2 MIMO unit analyzed by EJL Wireless, and allows a look into design changes in the semiconductor ASICs and FPGAs used for the digital processing of RF signals, along with a lower cost mechanical design/construction of the system. The RRUS 11 contains two complete radio transceivers, two power amplifiers and two duplexer filters to support 2x2 MIMO functionality. The RRUS 11 is part of the RBS6601 Main/Remote BTS system and is the multi-standard radio architecture version of Ericsson's remote radio units that supports GSM, CDMA, W-CDMA and LTE technologies. The following semiconductor and passive component suppliers are mentioned in this report: Analog Devices, Broadcom Corporation, Fairchild Semiconductor, Freescale Semiconductor, Infineon Technologies, Micron Technology, Nippon Chemi-Con, NXP Semiconductors, STMicroelectronics, Texas Instruments, and Vishay Semiconductors.

Important Note: There is NO component pricing contained within the report.


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