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IPX Competitive Analysis - Racing into 2015

IPX Competitive Analysis - Racing into 2015

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The IP eXchange or IPX has come a long way from its inception and the IPX providers' offering is constantly evolving. Whether in terms of services, features or network, the capabilities of the majority of the IPX providers now boast a full range of voice and data IPX services. The question to be answered is therefore: What is next for IPX?

Through the course of this 110 page report, we clarify the capabilities and service features offered by the IPX providers, providing a detailed picture of the current status of the marketplace with facts and analysis. We also detail our expectations relating to the future developments of IPX. The research involved the completion of a comprehensive survey by 19 IPX providers, followed by, in many cases, an interview with key decision makers in that company.

Hot Telecom IPX report based on interviews and surveys with 19 IPX providers, provides an in-depth view of who the main IPX providers are, how their offering is evolving in terms of services, network, access, peering and features. The objectives of this report therefore are to:

    • Understand how IPX has evolved to date in terms of services, providers and requirements and how it may evolve over the next year
    • Define the current status of the IPX providers' ecosystem
    • Better understand how IPX providers' offerings are evolving
    • Identify new IPX services and features being developed
    • Define the differences in service providers' offering and capabilities


    Who should purchase this report:

      • IPX providers seeking to understand how the segment is evolving in terms of services, customers, competitors and how they are positioned within the overall IPX ecosystem.
      • IPX customers needing to understand the different service offerings and providers to define how they can benefit from IPX, who to buy it from and how it can help them grow their business.
      • IPX vendors looking to understand the needs of IPX providers and customers and where new opportunities will come from.
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