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Managing Wi-Fi for Revenue and Cost Optimization

Managing Wi-Fi for Revenue and Cost Optimization

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In this paper, we make the case that Wi-Fi offers businesses a wealth of possibilities to become more productive and efficient while empowering their employees and engaging more deeply with their clients and stakeholders. We discuss the trends in guest and private Wi-Fi and the variety of marketing

tactics that can be used to better engage with visitors and customers towards greater monetization. Initiatives enabled by guest and private Wi-Fi include complimentary tasks such as real-time marketing offers, managing inventory and optimizing pricing. In this paper, we dive into specific verticals that have embraced the use of Wi-Fi to engage with their stakeholders, including retail and restaurants, financial institutions, and healthcare entities.

We also demonstrate that not only is Wi-Fi at the core of each enterprise today but that it makes sense for these businesses to outsource the management of their Wi-Fi infrastructure to a trusted Managed Service Provider (MSP) to focus their talent and energy on their core business. In doing so, enterprises —especially those that are highly distributed throughout multiple locations—can benefit from large economies of scale, less downtime, and more peace of mind from relying on a partner that will deal with all the headaches involved in managing, maintaining, and updating increasingly complex Wi-Fi networks.

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