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SON Deployments and trends 2014 to 2020

SON Deployments and trends 2014 to 2020

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SON can stand for self-organizing networks or self-optimizing networks, and both will be critical in making the dense HetNet commercially viable. The more elements are deployed in a RAN, the more impractical it becomes to configure and manage them all manually, so automation will be a critical way to enable densification as well as free up manual resources for more complex functions that can improve quality of experience.

This module provides a clear picture of the evolution of SON from its current limited base – mainly in 3G macrocells, or in limited functions embedded in small cells – to a future in the mainstream of MNO strategy. It is analysed as a percentage of mobile operators’ investment in network software, which is broken down by the main tools and services, in terms of dollar spend and deployment numbers, and by region.

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