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The Faultline Revisited Disruption in Video Delivery from 2013 to 2023


When we first came out with the name Faultline for our disruptive technology publication in 2003, it was because we were witnessing a dramatic change to the way content was being moved around the planet. Initially this affected the music business the most, then went on to create a number of irreversible changes in the way both video and music was brought to market, in the process dramatically changing market leaders typified by the rise of Apple and the fall of Sony. The worry is that a similar transition is now occurring as the internet gets into its second or even third iteration of business models, and it is these new realities which has made Vodafone take a long hard look at a purely fixed line business for the first time in years. To understand why you need to read this new report, The Faultline Revisited, a report which takes a few simple ideas of changes we believe are on the near horizon and examines the effects these will have on the operators, content owners and technologies which drive the media industry.  We have picked six major issues, which will have the greatest effect on video infrastructure over the next 10 years. Request this report below, and contact us to arrange for the author to speak for free at your company about the changes coming in the industry.
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