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The future of international wholesale

The future of international wholesale

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This report is intended to provide a complete overview of the International Telecoms Interconnect Businesses – perhaps the first comprehensive report that covers such a range. International Interconnect Services, in our definition, include voice termination, messaging, roaming services for voice, messaging and data plus international signaling sold to or used by other Service Providers. We have deliberately excluded transmission services including the public internet, as those are significantly different businesses with different customers in many cases.

The report identifies and discusses the main trends in this area, highlighting the changes in wholesale offerings as many services move to an IP infrastructure. The core of the report is a comprehensive model that forecasts customer growth per region for fixed, mobile and mobile LTE as its baseline. Building on this, and forecasts of travel and tourism, we have constructed an international model that forecasts all the attributes of service meeting the international needs of these customers – both for originating international calls and messaging when at home and using telecom services when traveling internationally. Based on the resultant usage forecasts, we were able to develop revenue forecasts for both the overall international market and the portion that will be transmitted via wholesalers rather than on a direct relationship. This report will be invaluable to business development, strategy, sales and marketing and engineering teams planning for the growth and evolution of the international interconnect business through the rest of this decade

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