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The Prospects for LTE Broadcast

The Prospects for LTE Broadcast

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LTE Broadcast means that mobile networks are no longer a purely one-to-one medium: they have the capacity to send content to many users simultaneously. Our new report considers how this will change the industry and the possible effects on traditional terrestrial broadcasting

Despite the failure of previous mobile broadcast technologies, LTE Broadcast is getting a warm reception in industry circles. This report considers whether that optimism is justified.
Services for sports venues are likely to be the first applications, but what others will follow? Can they generate new revenue streams? Do the business models stack up?
Taking a wider perspective, can LTE Broadcast help contain the explosion in video traffic threatening to overwhelm mobile networks? And what are the implications for traditional terrestrial broadcasting?
Our Prospects for LTE Broadcast report covers 54 companies using research, interviews with experts and a survey of industry professionals to answer these questions.

Key benefits
This 61 page independent analysis is written by Catherine Viola, Dr Jonathan Watson and Martin Sims. It will enable you to:

  • Understand the technology behind LTE Broadcast
  •  Assess the possible applications
  • Compare the plans of the major manufacturers and operators
  • Assess the viability of the various business cases
  • Identify the drivers for the takeoff of LTE broadcast
  • Get an understanding of the developing LTE Broadcast ecosystem
  • Decide whether LTE Broadcast could replace traditional TV broadcasting
  • Gauge the wider social impact of LTE Broadcast
  • Appreciate the likely timelines

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