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Wireless Watch 535: SDN reaches to all layers of the carrier network


Key issues:
  • Carrier SDN needs to unify every network layer to maximize returns 2
  • Telco SDN starts to delve down into the optical layer 2
  • Virtualization makes Wind River a jewel in Intel’s crown 6
  • Oracle and others eye big data/SDN/analytics convergence 7
  • Carrier aggregation reaches out to TDD and unlicensed spectrum 10
  • Google assembling fabric for IoT, but should steer clear of consoles 16
  • Cellcos on both sides of the pond must merge to survive price wars 18
  • LTE close to victory over broadcasters in 700MHz spectrum 22
  • Anglo-German cooperation announced for IoT and 5G 25
  • MediaTek unleashes challenge to NFC 26
  • IBM backs old ally, but Qualcomm design more significant for WP8 28
  • LTE emerges as a platform for broadcast and pay-TV 31
  • Chen gives his BlackBerry plan “50:50” chance 32
  • Aruba pushes wireless-only workplace
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