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Wireless Watch 541: Players regroup after Nokia sale


Key Issues:

With the Nokia/Motorola era finally over, all the players fight to adjust

  • Nokia: Finnish firm breaks free of smartphone business at right time
  • Microsoft: Nokia will only add to Nadella’s mobile challenges
  • Lenovo: Motorola is its key to avoid fate of other PC escapees
  • Google: after Motorola failure, a new approach to Android control


Qualcomm seeks to set standards for new wave of IoT

  • Gimbal beacons spun off into standalone company
  • Qualcomm foresees super-smart mobile devices with Zeroth ‘brain chip’

Chinese cellcos in talks over network sharing

Sprint readies TDD upgrade and possible TMo bid

VoLTE still faces technology and business case challenges

AT&T announces in-flight LTE network


Start-Up Watch:

Apigee raises new funds for big data API push

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