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Wireless Watch 543: Qualcomm to buy Wilocity?

Wireless Watch 543: Qualcomm to buy Wilocity?

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Key Issues:

  • Qualcomm mulls Wilocity for critical high frequency push
  • ‘Cellular IoT’ initiative tries to keep the new networks tied to 3GPP


  • VoLTE boost IPX services, but will independents be squeezed out? 
  • Cisco steadies the ship, eyes growth from services, cloud and IoT
  • Mobile power will go to the firm with the deepest AI engine 
  • Signs of a new dawn at ALU should not tempt Nokia to bid 
  • Square puts away its Wallet, pushes queue-cutting Order app 
  • SHF bands could solve metrocell’s backhaul spectrum puzzle 
  • China Mobile may lose 4G headstart soon as market opens up
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