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Wireless Watch 601

Wireless Watch 601

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Key Issues:
US operators embark on density programs, but ROI is uncertain 2

  • Chinese OEMs seize US opportunity as carriers back off smartphones 11
  • Verizon mobile-first Go90 OTT service due in October 13

Honeymoon period for ALU/Nokia but Huawei is the real Q2 star 15


  • Embedded SIM set to erode MNO power, from next year 25
  • Nokia makes surprise move as mobile VR battle heats up 28
  • NFV provides chance for vendors to disrupt network status quo 32
  • Microsoft takes retro approach to W10, with PC-focused launch 33
  • From drones to sensors – the mobile vendors flee smartphones 35

M&A Watch:
Qualcomm could join M&A wave, or even be target itself 37
5G Watch:
Ericsson and SK Telecom work on network slicing 38
IoT Watch:

  • GE and NTT Docomo form Japanese IoT alliance 39
  • Standards Watch:
  • IBM boosts OIC, AllSeen hints at convergence with its rival 40

WiFi Watch:

  • Cellcos’ cash and spectrum shortage should boost WiFi in India; Almost two-thirds of homes have problems with WiFi networks 41
Operator Watch:
  • SFR and Orange raise hopes that French market is stabilizing 44

Devices and Components:
Freescale brings its network edge strengths to ARM family; BlackBerry may launch just one handset a year 46

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