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Wireless Watch 612

Wireless Watch 612

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Key Issues: Mobile at the Edge
The new mobile power struggle takes place at the edge of the network 2
  • Vendors from many markets move into the fog 6
  • Cisco acquires ParStream for big data processing at the edge 9
  • Next edge frontier is “conscious computing”, says Qualcomm 11


  • Multiple cell site strategies needed to support fragmenting architectures 13
  • Components deliver profit for Sony and Samsung, Sharp still flounders 17
  • 5G must build on 4G foundations, Ericsson shows the way 20
  • iPhone defies smartphone pressures but Apple will need new star soon 22
  • BRIC nations are unpredictable markets for Ericsson and Nokia 24
  • Europe’s half-hearted net neutrality laws disappoint purists 26
  • Microsoft’s smartphone sales collapse and even Surface feels the pinch 28

Start-Up Watch:
Helium is latest IoT platform, with homegrown sensors and 802.15.4 29
M&A Watch:
Liberty Global pounces on venerable Cable & Wireless 31
5G Watch:
Ericsson leads 5Gex project for unified service orchestration layer 32
IoT Watch:
Jasper wins deal to connect M2M devices to IBM IoT Foundation 33
Operator Watch:
China Mobile buys 40% stake in Korea’s new operator; BT’s mobile return comes closer as EE deal crosses key hurdle 34
Devices and Components:
Confidence in Qualcomm grows as it broadens its portfolio 36

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