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Wireless Watch 620

Wireless Watch 620

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Key Issues: Consumer Electronics Show 2016
CES: Will the IoT come soon enough to save Intel, Qualcomm and Samsung? 2
 Qualcomm tries to put 2015 behind it, as it extends Snapdragon’s reach 3
 Intel aims for PC-style position in drones, robots and wearables 7
 Samsung turns to smart home and wearables chips amid mobile decline 10


  • Interworking, not uniformity, will make the wireless IoT workable 12
  • Google adopts Oracle’s openJDK, weakening its grip on Android 16
  • CES: Chipmakers chase the holy grail of the driverless car 19
  • French LSA trial kicks off a year of spectrum sharing progress 22
  • Chinese licensing floodgates about to open for Qualcomm 25
  • Orange mobile bank launch will bring regulatory issues to a head 26
  • Ossia makes IoT leap with data link in wireless charging 29

M&A Watch:
Vodafone-Liberty and Orange-Bouyges – first M&A stories of 2016 31
5G Watch:
ETSI accelerates progress towards Mobile Edge Computing 34
IoT Watch:
Huawei’s HiLink takes on Google in smart home; Z-Wave gets security upgrades for connected household 36
Standards Watch:
Intel in rare harmony with Qualcomm, backing MulteFire Alliance 38
IPR Watch:
HEVC Advance sweetens its royalty pill, others must respond 40
WiFi Watch:
Qualcomm adds 802.11ad and SON to its WiFi offering; WiFi Alliance launches HaLow brand for 802.11ah 42
Devices and Components:
Amazon turns chip vendor, selling its Annapurna products for WiFi gear 44

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