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Wireless Watch 636:Ericsson's new structure

Wireless Watch 636:Ericsson's new structure

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Key Issues:
Ericsson’s reorganization is too conservative to stop Huawei in its tracks 2
  • Cellular vendors will see a different competitive landscape in IoT 11

Apple needs new magic as iPhone’s era nears its close 14


  • Alphabet betting on ‘Other Bets’ for growth amid rising traffic costs 20
  • Unconventional spectrum options will be vital to many IoT services 22
  • Microsoft’s smartphone business hangs on by a thread 25
  • Orange’s m-banking venture is focused on the wrong markets 27
  • Apple reported to be going it alone in cars, with new lab 29
M&A Watch:
Nokia buys Withings as part of its latest reinvention, around IoT 30
Multiplay Watch:
Is there any place left for pure-play MNOs in Europe? 32
4G Watch:
Lime and Canonical support EE’s radical new approach to 4G coverage 35
IoT Watch:
GE and Rolls-Royce announce new IoT data partners 37
Spectrum Watch:
Higher power limits demanded for 5G networks above 24 GHz 38
WiFi Watch:
Republic Wireless boosts WiFi voice experience with bonded calling 40
Operator Watch:
Mobile broadband edging out wireline in US homes 41
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