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Wireless Watch 649 August 15: LTE-U's window is closing

Wireless Watch 649 August 15: LTE-U's window is closing

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Key Issues:

  • LTE-U’s window is closing, but it presages bigger 5G disputes to come 2
  • Chip giants invest heavily to boost chances in embedded AI platforms 7


  • Ericsson needs a radical new leader to regain momentum from Huawei 11
  • HP makes yet another smartphone attempt, but with Windows 10 14
  • Ericsson and Nokia get drone fever with operator trials 16
  • NIST outlines IoT security model, raising specter of state control 19
  • Google slows fiber roll-out, may be turning to fixed wireless 21

M&A Watch:

Foxconn finalizes purchase of Sharp, but can it turn the firm around? 23

4G Watch:

Forget 5G, commercial LTE will deliver gigabit speeds this year, says GSA 26

IoT Watch:

GE launches Predix hardware dev kit in move to win industrial cloud 27

WiFi Watch:

AirTies lands Frontier WiFi deal for its smart mesh 28

Operator Watch:

TIM and Altiostar extend ambitious vRAN plans in Italy 29

Devices and Components:

The death of the tablet – Q2 shipments show crisis in market 30

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