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Wireless Watch 664 November 28: Huawei Mobile Broadband Forum

Wireless Watch 664 November 28: Huawei Mobile Broadband Forum

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Key Issues: Huawei Mobile Broadband Forum

Huawei’s innovation machine in high gear, threatening Nokia and Ericsson 2

  • CloudAIR’s spectrum flexibility fills a crucial hole in cloud networks 3
  • After years of promise, active antennas are finally having their moment 8
  • Deutsche Telekom and Huawei demonstrate end-to-end network slicing 15


  • AT&T adapts to the economics of the OTT world with DirecTV Now 18
  • Telia hints at end of road for LoRa, but giant Chinese deal begs to differ 20
  • UK targets 5G, fiber and connected car, making £1bn broadband pledge 22
  • Spectrum overlapping eases 2G-to-3G transition in 900 MHz 25
  • Trump telecoms adviser has advocated the end of the FCC as we know it 26

M&A Watch:

Samsung buys NewNet as mobile industry clings to RCS 27

4G Watch:

EE turns on 800 MHz to boost indoor LTE coverage 28

IoT Watch:

Following a new funding round, who might leap to acquire Sigfox? 29

Standards Watch:

HEVC Advance returns fire in royalty-free codec scrap 30

Spectrum Watch:

BTIG: Cableco could swoop on Dish’s spectrum and disrupt the US market 32

WiFi Watch:

Shift to controller-less WLANs hits Cisco’s wireless revenues 33

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