MDU Experts

MDU Experts is a venture by Maravedis specializing in research, consulting, and tools for the Multi-apartment technology markets.



We believe managed Wi-Fi and smart services for Multi-Dwelling Units (MDUs), student housing, senior living and affordable housing are a huge market opportunity. We provide research, consulting and tools to help customers tap into that booming market. 


Maravedis is a member of the National Apartment Association, South East Florida Chapter.


Managed Wi-Fi provides many benefits to all stakeholders concerned with a property.

To residents, managed Wi-Fi means a better overall connectivity experience with predictable and superior performance, coverage and security. It also means that thanks to Wi-Fi calling, mobile coverage issues are resolved. Residents can also enjoy the much-desired benefits of a connected Smart Home without having to deal with the complexity of managing IoT devices themselves or being locked into a separate internet contract.

For property owners and managers, managed Wi-Fi translates into more revenues and better operational efficiencies, which then result in better net operating income (NOI). They can increase the value and retention rate of their properties and deploy facility IoT to automate select processes, reduce waste, and empower their staff with the appropriate tools to be more effective.

For Internet service providers (ISPs) and managed service providers (MSPs), managed WIFi and related services such as smart home offerings enable more stable revenues, higher margins and greater customer stickiness.

In a multi-story building, a managed Wi-Fi is usually composed of the following network elements:

• Radio access (access points, switches)
• Controllers, gateways
• Fiber termination