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Maravedis is a boutique wireless infrastructure analyst firm founded in 2002 that focuses on broadband wireless technologies with a particular focus on managed Wi-Fi and private cellular networks. Maravedis also analyzes industry spectrum regulations and operator trends. Its mission is to research, analyze, and provide guidance on the role of wireless technologies in the context of digital transformation.

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    We provide custom research, online surveys, white papers, case studies on wireless convergence, private networks and WiFi

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    We provide consulting services to answer your enterprise connectivity solutions and more!

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    We have built credibility and contacts in the wireless industry for 22 years and can help you with lead generation and business introductions



The WBA has worked with Adlane Fellah and the team at Maravedis for a number of years, from our Annual Industry Report which looks at the current state of the Wi-Fi industry and its future trends, to creating thought leadership articles on the industries most important and impactful topics.

Maravedis is an authority on the wireless industry and brings clear and incisive thinking to its work that can help an organization to clearly see where their industry is headed and provide input that can contribute to a successful future.


Marketing Manager
Wireless Broadband Alliance

Adlane Fellah and the team at Maravedis did an outstanding job, working under tight deadlines and managing the challenges of coordinating acrossmultiple time zones, as they researched and put together the Industry's very first comprehensive report on the TIP OpenWiFi program. The project was well structured,
partners interviewed in depth and feedback analyzed with an independent lens, helping to put together a thorough and easy to read report on the complex global project that TIP OpenWiFi is. We look forward to working together as TIP’s Wi-Fi programs gain momentum.


Co-Chair Wifi Solution Group
Telecom Infra Project (TIP)

“It was an absolute pleasure collaborating with Maravedis.   The editorial report, "The Case for Managed Wi-Fi in Multi-Dwelling Units (MDUs)" and the accompanying webinar are rich with industry-leading research and insights.  The technology highlights are supported by in-depth interviews and statistics, and the paper paints a captivating journey of where the industry has been and where it is headed.  We deeply appreciate the hard work that Adlane put into helping us share fresh content on the current state of connectivity, and look forward to working with Maravedis in the future.”


Strategic Marketing Manager