Here are just a few testimonials representing what our customers have to say about our market reports, consulting practice and media activities recently:


“It was an absolute pleasure collaborating with Maravedis.   The editorial report, "The Case for Managed Wi-Fi in Multi-Dwelling Units (MDUs)" and the accompanying webinar are rich with industry-leading research and insights.  The technology highlights are supported by in-depth interviews and statistics, and the paper paints a captivating journey of where the industry has been and where it is headed.  We deeply appreciate the hard work that Adlane put into helping us share fresh content on the current state of connectivity, and look forward to working with Maravedis in the future.”


Patrick Mikes, Strategic Marketing and Events Manager
Dish Fiber


“A comprehensive and well-researched paper into the MDU Managed WiFi industry from the Maravedis. This paper covers every angle of the industry including the residents, property owners & management, service providers, equipment manufacturers, and solution partners. It covers the past, present, and enormous future opportunity that lies ahead for those that need and deliver managed WiFi solutions and services. It was a pleasure to work with Adlane at Maravedis and the other technology partners on this timely collaboration. This paper will be a great reference for years to come.”


Alan McCorkle, Sales Executive,


“It was very valuable to sponsor the Maravedis program for ‘Managed Wi-Fi for MDUs” which included a whitepaper and webinar. Maravedis’ team produced an excellent thought leadership piece that strengthened the awareness of our solutions and technology. The white paper and webinar helped generate hundreds of leads for us. We thus highly recommend the Wi-Fi Insider program!”

Tal Sacharov, Head of Marketing


“We are impressed by the quality of the Maravedis Insider Report. It effortlessly explains how the wireless industry is transformed by the TIP OpenWiFi initiative, and uncover insights that will propel it forward. The Wi-Fi Now TIP webinar was well organized and informative to both seasoned professionals and the general public. Many thanks to the Maravedis and Wi-Fi Now team for a job well done!”

Tom Rao, VP of Marketing and Technology


Adlane Fellah and the team at Maravedis did an outstanding job, working under tight deadlines and managing the challenges of coordinating across multiple time zones, as they researched and put together the Industry’s very first comprehensive report on the TIP OpenWiFi program. The project was well structured, partners interviewed in depth and feedback analyzed with an independent lens, helping to put together a thorough and easy to read report on the complex global project that TIP OpenWiFi is. We look forward to working together as TIP’s Wi-Fi programs gain momentum.

Chetan Hebbalae, Co-chair Wi-Fi Solution Group
Telecom Infra Project (TIP)


“The Maravedis and Wi-Fi NOW teams were an absolute pleasure to work with. Their research uncovered data and insights not found anywhere else, while their collaboration throughout the process is evidenced by the comprehensive and analytical paper they produced.”

Tyler Nesper, CEO


The Maravedis Insider Report on TIP OpenWiFi is an excellent example of a thorough research report and as the first such report on TIP OpenWiFi it is the go to text for anyone interested in the concepts, architecture and vendors participating in the eco-system. The accompanying webinar was very well attended, and many conversations have resulted from this well constructed, informative session. Well done and thank you to the Maravedis and Wi-Fi Now teams!

Huw Rees , VP Business Development
NetExperience Inc.


Great work done by Maravedis and Wi-Fi Now in educating WiFi enthusiast and community with the release of first ever Insider Report on Tip OpenWiFi and knowledge webinar. With the world becoming so connected, our communities need connectivity in order to succeed, while creating an atmosphere of opportunity where everyone has a voice. By giving people around the globe access to low-cost WiFi services, we can empower people in a new way around the world.   It was a pleasure working with Maravedis and Wi-Fi Now teams.     Thank you!!!!


Vishwanath Angadi, Vice President, Strategy and Operations
Indio Networks Pvt. Ltd


It was exciting to contribute to the Maravedis’ and Wi-Fi NOW’s INSIDER report on ‘TIP OpenWiFi- Unlocking Wi-Fi potential’ whitepaper and webinar. Maravedis’ team has effectively coordinated with multiple stakeholders to capture the finer nuances and present insightful learnings in a comprehensive manner. We pass our best wishes to the Wi-Fi Now and Maravedis team for delivering the webinar with such excellence and look forward to more such purposeful collaborations.


Bhuvnesh Sachdeva, Vice President | Product Development
HFCL Limited


"Over the past 12 months, we worked with Adlane at Maravedis on a number of strategic priorities, including events and a key research paper. His methodology and outputs were top notch, and the quality of the deliverables showcased his deep knowledge of our industry. Thanks to Adlane expertise, we were able to provide additional value to our customer base. We’ll definitely be working with the Adlane and the maravedis team again on future projects."

Taryn Shulman, VP Marketing 
Route This


"Sweepr had the pleasure of participating in an industry webinar hosted by Maravedis. From beginning to end - content preparation, event marketing, and post-show follow-up - it was professional and fuss-free. As an added bonus, Adlane was always available to quickly answer any questions. For the webinar itself, we were impressed by the global reach of the Maravedis audience, and how speakers and topics were curated to deliver a cohesive and engaging presentation."

Jonathan Downey, VP Marketing

"Maravedis was a pleasure to work with, from research planning to execution. Adlane consulted us on our research needs and delivered immense value in lead generation for our time and budget. I was particularly impressed with Maravedis's agility in co-marketing activities and relationships with industry organizations. These relationships helped in both validating the research findings and promoting our collective educational content." 

Nicole Hayward, Founder and CMO

"The WBA has worked with Adlane Fellah and the team at Maravedis for a number of years, from our Annual Industry Report which looks at the current state of the Wi-Fi industry and its future trends, to creating thought leadership articles on the industries most important and impactful topics.  Maravedis is an authority on the wireless industry and brings clear and incisive thinking to its work that can help an organization to clearly see where their industry is headed and provide input that can contribute to a successful future. One of Maravedis key strengths is a ‘tough love’ approach to communication, advising a company on what it needs to hear and not just what it wants to hear. I would recommend working with Maravedis team."

Sarah Markham, Marketing Director
Broadband Wireless Alliance


“We hired Maravedis to help us create meaningful and relevant marketing content such as a white paper, an interview and a series of blogs. The Maravedis team distinguished itself by producing high quality content reflecting its strong technical expertise and deep knowledge of the wireless industry. We will surely use their services again in the future.”

Frederic LeBouar, Marketing Director 

"We worked with Adlane in our recent white paper to introduce our spectrum broker framework to the ecosystem. He worked with iteration and crafted the paper in a fluent flow. His ability to highlight the important points is remarkable. We also received help through his network for the dissemination of the content."

Mustafa Ergen, Founder and President

 “ASSIA worked with Maravedis to produce the white paper The Case for Managed Home Wi-Fi published in December 2018.  Adlane Fellah has extensive experience and understanding of all aspects of the subject and did a great job researching the problems Service Providers encounter and benefits they can gain from using a tool to help them diagnose problems, optimize configurations and recommend where to invest to provide their end users the best Quality of Experience.  Maravedis are easy to work with and produced a comprehensive document which has been widely read.”

David Stevenson, Chief Revenue Officer

Calix purchased the report “From Effective Management of Wi-Fi Networks to Enabling the Secure Smart Home 2018-2023” from Maravedis. Overall, I think that it is a good report. Your position, in many cases, aligns very closely with ours (e.g., wrt Managed Wi-Fi and the Smart Home). There is some good info in there on 802.11ax, MU-MIMO, and other technical concepts as well. The interviews with service providers (e.g., Bell Canada, Comcast, Liberty Global, Swisscom, and TalkTalk) were informative, as was your coverage of other vendors (e.g., Plume, AirTies, Arris, and Nokia).

Greg Owens, Director, Product Marketing

"The report “From Effective Management of Wi-Fi Networks to Enabling the Secure Smart Home 2018-2023” contained some great insights into the players and the massive growth about to take place in the Managed Wi-Fi space over the next few years. Fascinating read and definitely the place to be for us."

Arve Paalsrud, CEO
WIO Group AS

  "Adlane Fellah at Maravedis wrote a first of its kind market trend and forecast for Policy-based Wi-Fi SaaS platforms. As a leader in this space, Accuris Networks found the report very useful in assisting our growth in this space and continuing to position our products as best of breed in the market. Adlane’s detailed analysis and strong growth projections help in our planning for the future. We look forward to additional reports from the Maravedis team."

David Reeder, VP Global Sales
Accuris Networks

"We have been extremely impressed with Adlane Fellah and his team at Maravedis. Adlane is exceptionally intelligent and he has a very strong grasp of wireless technology, as well as market dynamics. He’s been instrumental to helping us communicate our cloud WiFi value proposition"

Rick Wilmer, CEO,
Mojo Networks (Now Arista)

"Siklu hired Maravedis to write a white paper covering today's 5G fixed wireless gigabit services. The end result was a detailed and a professional document that achieved great traction and prestige publications in well-known magazines with lots of hundreds of downloads and new quality contacts. The team at Maravedis is very knowledgeable and easy to work with. The process creating this document was quick and clean with results above and beyond expectations."

Eran Sagi, Head of Marketing & Product Management

"Already after reading only a few pages of your report 'Forecasting the new RAN' my feeling was quite positive. It is a well-balanced mixture of technical background with great competence, market figures providing comparisons which I have not found in other reports and strategic information about the vendors.  The topic is been explored from different angles and the reader gets the impression that all aspects have been considered. Without any doubt it is a worthy and helpful report which I most probably will purchase again when an update will be published."

Peter Scholz Head of Strategic Marketing & Support, Mobile Communication Antennas

“Actix has obtained a great deal of value from the Forecasting The New Ran report.  We’ve used the detailed data and analysis in the report in both our product planning and customer facing business cases”.

Neil Coleman, Director of Marketing

“The report “FORECASTING THE NEW RAN, How operators will monetize the data deluge” has come at the right moment, to add to our knowledge and awareness of the factors that contribute to the radical changes of the cellular networks. We always trusted Maravedis for the quality and punctuality of the information contained in its publications, and this new report met our expectations. It gave us, in a very well structured format, the overview and the details required for the better understanding of the business context for our product portfolio”

John Tenidis, Product Manager-Wireless Business Division
“Vitesse purchased the latest backhaul report from Maravedis-Rethink  I thought it was very well researched, with a lot of background information on both carriers and vendors, and strongly recommend using this research"
Martin Nuss, CTO
Vitesse Semiconductor
“Maravedis-Rethink’s wireless backhaul service provides valuable analysis on the latest global market trends. This intelligence has helped CBNL make informed decisions on developing wireless backhaulsolutions which meet the needs of today’s next generation networks. Their ongoing support and responsiveness has been first class.”
Chris  Wright, Marketing Director
"I purchased the "Wireless Backhaul Market from an Intermodal Perspective" from Maravedis and found this to be a valuable perspective on the point-to-point, millimetre wave and point-to-multipoint markets. The report provided unbiased information on market trends within the microwave backhaul domain and explained not only how the demand formillimetre wave equipment would rise through the increasing deployment of Metro cells but also the regional uncertainties that could delay or restrict deployment of this architecture. The information contained in the report regarding the overall direction of the market could provide valuable guidance to microwave infrastructure suppliers on what products should be considered for future development."
Jim Syme, Product Line Manager - Microwave Systems
“Ceragon subscribes to Maravedis-Rethink’s backhaul research service which provides us with in-depth analysis of the microwave market.  We particularly value their coverage of emerging trends and their ability to think outside of the box and investigate the newest disruption in the industry.”
Ran Avital, Vice President Strategic Marketing
Ceragon Networks
"The Maravedis-Rethink backhaul report provides a complete and detailed market review from mWave to mmWave, LOS to NLOS and PTP to PMP. It gives us the right pointers regarding trends, new markets and the competition. This report is  very valuable for our decision making process and underpins our product and market strategy.  The periodic research notes that we receive as part of the Maravedis Service are always a good read, insightful and applicable." 
Oliver BosshardHead of Product Management


“Maravedis-Rethink PTP backhaul report provided us with an in-depth analysis of the millimeter and microwave market. The detailed SWOT analysis of different backhaul vendors was particularly interesting. We found the report informative and helpful in our internal decision process as we look to develop low-cost and disruptive millimeter wave and microwave solutions for the small-cell mobile backhaul market.”
Ravi Pragada, Principal Engineer
InterDigital Communications, Inc.