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Latest Testimonials

Here are just a few testimonials representing what our customers have to say about our market reports, consulting practice and media activities recently:

"Siklu hired Maravedis to write a white paper covering today's 5G fixed wireless gigabit services. The end result was a detailed and a professional document that achieved great traction and prestige publications in well-known magazines with lots of hundreds of downloads and new quality contacts. The team at Maravedis is very knowledgeable and easy to work with. The process creating this document was quick and clean with results above and beyond expectations."

Eran Sagi
Head of Marketing & Product Management

"Already after reading only a few pages of your report 'Forecasting the new RAN' my feeling was quite positive. It is a well-balanced mixture of technical background with great competence, market figures providing comparisons which I have not found in other reports and strategic information about the vendors.  The topic is been explored from different angles and the reader gets the impression that all aspects have been considered. Without any doubt it is a worthy and helpful report which I most probably will purchase again when an update will be published."
Peter Scholz
Head of Strategic Marketing & Support, Mobile Communication Antennas

“Actix has obtained a great deal of value from the Forecasting The New Ran report.  We’ve used the detailed data and analysis in the report in both our product planning and customer facing business cases”.

Neil Coleman,
Director of Marketing

“The report “FORECASTING THE NEW RAN, How operators will monetize the data deluge” has come at the right moment, to add to our knowledge and awareness of the factors that contribute to the radical changes of the cellular networks. We always trusted Maravedis for the quality and punctuality of the information contained in its publications, and this new report met our expectations. It gave us, in a very well structured format, the overview and the details required for the better understanding of the business context for our product portfolio”

John Tenidis
Product Manager-Wireless Business Division
“Vitesse purchased the latest backhaul report from Maravedis-Rethink  I thought it was very well researched, with a lot of background information on both carriers and vendors, and strongly recommend using this research"
Martin Nuss, CTO,  
Vitesse Semiconductor
“Maravedis-Rethink’s wireless backhaul service provides valuable analysis on the latest global market trends. This intelligence has helped CBNL make informed decisions on developing wireless backhaulsolutions which meet the needs of today’s next generation networks. Their ongoing support and responsiveness has been first class.”
Chris  Wright, Marketing Director
"I purchased the "Wireless Backhaul Market from an Intermodal Perspective" from Maravedis and found this to be a valuable perspective on the point-to-point, millimetre wave and point-to-multipoint markets. The report provided unbiased information on market trends within the microwave backhaul domain and explained not only how the demand formillimetre wave equipment would rise through the increasing deployment of Metro cells but also the regional uncertainties that could delay or restrict deployment of this architecture. The information contained in the report regarding the overall direction of the market could provide valuable guidance to microwave infrastructure suppliers on what products should be considered for future development."
Jim SymeProduct Line Manager - Microwave Systems
“Ceragon subscribes to Maravedis-Rethink’s backhaul research service which provides us with in-depth analysis of the microwave market.  We particularly value their coverage of emerging trends and their ability to think outside of the box and investigate the newest disruption in the industry.”
Ran Avital, Vice President Strategic Marketing
Ceragon Networks
"The Maravedis-Rethink backhaul report provides a complete and detailed market review from mWave to mmWave, LOS to NLOS and PTP to PMP. It gives us the right pointers regarding trends, new markets and the competition. This report is  very valuable for our decision making process and underpins our product and market strategy.  The periodic research notes that we receive as part of the Maravedis Service are always a good read, insightful and applicable." 
Oliver BosshardHead of Product Management


“Maravedis-Rethink PTP backhaul report provided us with an in-depth analysis of the millimeter and microwave market. The detailed SWOT analysis of different backhaul vendors was particularly interesting. We found the report informative and helpful in our internal decision process as we look to develop low-cost and disruptive millimeter wave and microwave solutions for the small-cell mobile backhaul market.”
Ravi PragadaPrincipal Engineer
InterDigital Communications, Inc.
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