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Managed WiFi for MDUs Online Summit Slide Deck

Managed WiFi for MDUs Online Summit Slide Deck

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 Wi-Fi has become a necessity and the lifeline for millions of residents in multi-dwelling units. While the concept of managed Wi-Fi is not new, it is finally ready for prime time. Maravedis and MDU experts recently published an in-depth report entitled "Multi-Dwelling Rental Units in the United States – Managed Wi-Fi: From Amenity to Necessity," which indicates that currently only 1 percent of MDU properties provide managed Wi-Fi, and 15 percent enjoy bulk internet. Still, Maravedis predicts managed Wi-Fi service revenues will explode in the next few years.

During this webinar, we looked at the drivers boosting the demand for managed Wi-Fi. We heard from industry leaders about the opportunities and challenges of providing a managed WiFi service for property owners.

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