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TIP Open WiFi : A Reality Check and Forecasts 2024-2029

TIP Open WiFi : A Reality Check and Forecasts 2024-2029

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This report provides a cost effective and indepedent reality check on TIP Open WIFi latest business and product developments. Will Open WiFi succeed in disrupting the traditional WLAN industry or will it have the same fate as Open RAN? The report includes market trends analysis and forecasts for 2024- 2029.


On May 21, 2024, at 11:00 a.m. EDT, Maravedis will hold a client briefing to discuss the report's key findings and answer clients' questions.

Questions answered by this report


  • Should you invest in OpenWiFi?
  •  What are the risks and benefits involved with OpenWiFi?
  •  How many access points have been deployed thus far?
  • Who are the Tier 1 service providers testing OpenWiFi?
  • Who are the service providers most likely to adopt OpenWiFi?
  • What segments and regions are most promising for OpenWiFi?
  • Who are the most serious technology players?
  • Why did Pavlov acquire NetExperience?
  • What are the latest essential features of TIP OpenWiFI?
  • What new features are expected next year (2025)?
  • What is the total addressable market in 2024-2029?
  • Will OpenWiFi go through the same challenges as Open RAN?
  • What does Maravedis think of the overall potential for OpenWiFi?


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