The 5G vs WiFi False Debate

There is a growing number of 5G skeptics that are engaging on a 5G vs WiFi false debate concluding that 5G is not needed as Wi-Fi is available now and provides all that is needed. I don’t share the over-simplified arguments about 5G from of the old-fashioned WiFi vs 3GPP.

Now that 5G standards are close, we have to be careful about defining terms when we make an argument about 5G. If we’re talking about the actual radio standard, then it seems pretty certain that 5G will be a continuation of 4G, ie technology purely from the cellular community. WiFi, in my opinion, lost its chance to contribute to fundamental standards despite some recent overtures – and the two technologies will continue on their separate tracks at least for another generation. Eventually we could assume there will be convergence of the fundamental standards, as there eventually was between 802.16 and 4G, but that will be 5.5G or 6G!

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