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A Novel Approach to Tackling Home Wi-Fi Waste

A Novel Approach to Tackling Home Wi-Fi Waste

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Wi-Fi has become king in the home with an ever-increasing number and type of devices connected to Wi-Fi. Therefore, the need for a solid home Wi-Fi foundation has never been so great. Unfortunately, a number of factors affect Wi-Fi performance and hence the quality of experience, not least, neighbor interference which is out of the hands of the home broadband operator. Often neighbors end up using the same channel creating avoidable congestion. As these neighbors share the same channel, the throughput for all users is greatly reduced.

So far, the main approach to solve the home Wi-Fi performance has been driven by the integration of additional software in the middleware gateway in hopes to address the issues of coverage and congestion. However, this approach has fallen short of addressing the issue of neighbor interference which requires a smart way to allocate channels. Ambeent proposes a novel device-centric way to solve the neighbor interference problem. This approach is location and application-aware and empowers users to take their Wi-Fi destiny into their own hands without having to rely on complex and lengthy decisions from their service providers. It is a mobile-managed approach which combines the power of cloud-based computing and artificial intelligence with the simplicity and elegance of a device application.

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