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WBA Annual Industry Report 2021

WBA Annual Industry Report 2021

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In last year’s report, we predicted that 2020 would be a landmark year for Wi-Fi. This has proved true, though not quite as we anticipated. Wi-Fi took center stage in the new reality imposed by COVID-19, which has seen millions of people working from home or studying online for the first time.

That has made high-quality Wi-Fi connectivity not just a convenience but an essential enabler of the new way of living. The new levels of speed, security, and reliability these demands are possible because of years of innovations, from multi-access point mesh to Wi-Fi 6, from very high throughput to ultra-low latency.

Working from home has taken center stage this year, but the pandemic will force users everywhere, including many enterprises, industries, and cities, to turn to enhanced Wi-Fi to help respond to the crisis. At the heart of the platform that will enable their transformation are the latest Wi-Fi standards, Wi-Fi 6 and

In this 2021 Industry Report, we once again look back and highlight the important milestones which have been crossed during the past year, as we move into the 5G era. From Wi-Fi 6 and 6E to deep cooperation with other bodies, including Wi-Fi Alliance, IEEE, and others, the WBA is playing a key role in shaping next-generation wireless.

The report also looks ahead to the opportunities that the new era of wireless platforms will open up for the Wi-Fi community with the advent of Wi-Fi 6 and 6E as well as other enhancements and the challenges which must still be addressed by the WBA working groups and the wider industry.

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