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Wireless Watch 651 August 29: Google Fiber's work is done

Wireless Watch 651 August 29: Google Fiber's work is done

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Key Issues:

  • Google said to be slashing Fiber unit, so perhaps its work is done 2
  • Android tops 86% share but Lenovo/MS deal creates new problems 8


  • Samsung and Apple lock horn in new markets, as Amazon changes the rules 10
  • Resurrection of unlimited data puts pressure on US leaders 13
  • Conflicting agendas could split the alliance to promote US’s 3.5 GHz band 15
  • Twitter live video makes sense for Apple, its own social network does not 17
  • Ruckus is main growth driver for Brocade as clients wait for new router 20
  • Italian MNO merger may be approved this week, ushering Iliad in 23

M&A Watch:

InfoVista buys Ascom TEMS to bulk up its optimization offerings 25

5G Watch:

MIT breakthrough makes Distributed MIMO a reality for ultra-fast wireless 26

IoT Watch:

Qualcomm makes big IoT gateway play with huge stadium project 27

Spectrum Watch:

US auction may fall flat as big MNOs talk up cheaper sources of spectrum 28

Operator Watch:

Operator capex decline continues in the most critical markets for vendors 30

Devices and Components:

Antenova warns against too much hype around ‘invisible IoT’ 32


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