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Wireless Watch 665: Chip giants battle for IoT


Key Issues:

  • Qualcomm and Intel court Amazon in their battle for the IoT 2
  • A disruptive Indian operator at last – Reliance Jio starts to show its colors 11


  • Russia’s bid for mobile self-sufficiency may be the savior of Sailfish 17
  • Contrasting mobile fortunes for former soulmates Nokia and Microsoft 20
  • Sky Mobile more worrying to BT than Ofcom’s Openreach ruling 23
  • ZTE proposes amalgamation of fog computing and MEC 26

M&A Watch:

US analysts raise spectre of a Verizon-Comcast merger 27

5G Watch:

Japanese trials see antenna technologies pushed to limit for 28 GHz 28

IoT Watch:

Nokia and HPE extend partnership for IoT and smart city 30

Mobile Content and Applications:

AT&T DirecTV Now tipped to reach 1m customers “in short order” 31

Devices and Components:

Onyx Connect becomes Africa’s first local smartphone manufacturer 33

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