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Wireless Watch 676 March 6: MWC 2017 special

Wireless Watch 676 March 6: MWC 2017 special

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Key Issues: MWC 2017

Mobile World Congress 2017: Five key themes in mobile networks 2

New Radio acceleration risks delaying the real benefits of end-to-end 5G 5

 Verizon 5G TF gives vendors the chance to preview their 5G wares 12

 As MNOs struggle with 5G business case, new entrants may steal their lunch 15



MWC: Open source becomes real for MNOs, from central office to radio 20

 Facebook and LimeSDR are the new open face of the mobile network 20

Google’s hand seen behind rising influence of CORD 23

MWC: Softbank chief sets out super-intelligence vision, expands in satellite 26

On both sides of the world, Massive MIMO trials pile up 28

Slowly but surely, Google adds more operators to its RCS initiative 29

5G Watch:

MWC: Orange and Liberty don’t think 5G economics add up yet 30

Spectrum Watch:

MWC: SK Telecom goes cold on millimeter wave 5G spectrum 31

IPR Watch:

Will NGMN succeed in creating a 5G patent pool, where it failed in LTE? 32

WiFi Watch:

WiFi Alliance launches certification for precise location technology 33

Operator Watch:

Cisco and Samsung support Reliance Jio’s high network ambitions 34

Devices and Components:

MaxLinear applies its video chip technology to fronthaul and backhaul 36

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